The application-guide to the events of Cagliari

CagliariAPP CagliariApp is a free mobile app that gathers all of the events, activities and entertainments that take place in the area of Cagliari.
Through an agenda full of events, from theater’s and cinema’s performances schedules and cultural events to disco clubs, CagliariApp is suitable for families as much as for young and elder individuals, as it guarantees a wide choice and adapts to the needs of each person.

Events around you

Through the direct connection with the environment of Cagliari, clubs managers, exhibitions and shows organizers who notify their appointments and events for free), CagliariApp constantly updates the agenda, becoming a trust-worthy, fast and dynamic system for discovering what happens at any time in the City.
Each appointment is identified in a simple and intuitive manner , with the use of the most relevant information, such as titles, timetables and a brief description of it, and it is linked to the profile of the place where it is held.
Furthermore, festivals and exhibitions are gathered in a specific section that allows to consult an overview of the event.
Films projections are collected by title, enabling to have a general outline over the shows of the day in each cinema of the city.


With more than 400 activities already registered at the launch date of the App, it gives information about pub, disco, restaurant, theatres, cinema, american bar, vineries, fast food, bookshop, hotel, cultural centers.
Each place is located on the map, with a brief description of services offered, contacts, and programs.
Besides, thanks to the very practical map-function, it is possible to find out which other activities are taking place around the user, and to choose the closest ones..

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